Focus on Oaxaca


“There’s something magical about Oaxaca and the vibe of the people.”
— Mike White

A photo journey like none other ...

Focus on Oaxaca

Tour Details
8 days 7 Nights Limited to 20 Photographers  September 1 -10, 2019

Photography Workshops will be limited to 10 Photographers per session & offered twice daily.

All Breakfasts 5 of 8 Lunches  6 of 8 Dinners

An RC Photo Journey to Oaxaca, Mexico, will take your photography skills to new heights!

Oaxaca, a UNESCO World Heritage city, nestled in the highlands of southern Mexico, is a photographer’s dream. Boasting well-preserved Spanish Colonial architecture, ancient indigenous archeological sites, markets bursting with color, one-of-a-kind handicrafts, hand-loomed rugs, coveted black pottery, the world’s center of mezcal production, charming street celebrations, and gastronomy that has become world renown, it’s the perfect place to perfect your photography skills.

On an 8-day RC Photo Journey to Oaxaca it’s all about you and photography! In daily workshops, led by professional photographer and instructor Rob Comeau, you’ll perfect your craft as a photographer. On daily photography walks and excursions with Rob you’ll masterfully capture all the magic, color, culture, and beauty of this incredible Mexican region. You’ll enjoy incredible cuisine in the best restaurants in Oaxaca, the food capital of Mexico. You’ll experience and photograph a hands-on cooking class in a traditional Zapotec village. You’ll snap the sunrise over mountaintop pyramids.  And the list goes on … We also know it’s your vacation, so you’ll have time to relax and unwind in the Quinta Real Oaxaca — a luxury hotel housed in a meticulously renovated 16th-century former convent that is a photographer’s dream.

An RC Photo Journey to Oaxaca, Mexico, is like none other!
Oaxaca is the most ethnically and linguistically diverse state in Mexico.
It's home to 18 of the 65 ethnic groups that inhabit Mexico.
We include more ...

Price Includes

  • Daily Photo Worshops
  • 7 nights 5-star hotel
  • All Breakfasts
  • Most Lunches & Dinners
  • All ground transportation
  • All Gratuities
  • All Tours & Entry Fees
  • English-speaking Guides
Monte Alban, close to Oaxaca, was the first great city of Mesoamerica.
Historians and archeologists date its founding to 500 BCE.
A few things we don't include ...

Price Excludes

  • Airfare
  • Passport and Visa Costs
  • Travel Protection Plan
  • Souvenirs
  • Additional Food & Beverage
  • Personal Expenses
  • Telecommunications costs
  • Data Roaming
Chapulines — roasted grasshoppers — are a Oaxacan delicacy.
They're tossed in salt, garlic, lime juice, and chile powder
Extra! Extra! Read all about it ...

RC Photo Journeys Extras

  • Concierge-Level Service
  • Festive Farewell Dinner
  • Hands-free Baggage
  • Evening Nightcaps
  • Journey App
  • Bottled Water & Treats on Tours
Oaxaca is the home of mezcal — a drink similar to tequila.
It's distilled from varieties of cactus other than the blue agave.
Discover the Oaxaca ...

Day 1¡Bienvenido a Oaxaca!

You will know that you are somewhere special the minute you step off the plane in Oaxaca.

Once you have your baggage, your private driver will be waiting to whisk you to the Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca. Rob, your host, and others will be there to meet you, offer you a welcome cocktail, and help you check in. 

Depending on your arrival time, your room may or may not be ready, but not to worry: We’ll have plenty of options for you. Or, you may choose to just explore the restored 16th-century convent that is your hotel in Oaxaca.

In the evening we’ll have a Welcome Dinner where you’ll meet everyone involved in ensuring that your RC Photo Journey is picture perfect.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 
(Breakfast/Lunch with Comfort Card)

Day 2Discover Oaxaca

Today, you’ll have two firsts — your first RC Photo Journeys Photo Workshop with Rob and your first delicious Oaxacan breakfast. You may choose a photo workshop before or after breakfast.

After breakfast, and in small groups, you’ll enjoy a city orientation photo walk. We’ll visit the central plaza, el Zócalo, important churches, and other essential spots in Oaxaca so that you have a feel for the city, and know what you want to explore and what you want to photograph. Rob will be a part of the groups to help you further perfect your photography skills.

Our morning orientation photo walk will end with lunch at La Biznaga — a famed Oaxacan eatery —where Rob will be delighted to talk all things photography with you. Come hungry and full of questions!

In the afternoon you”ll have the choice of additional small group photo walks, or you can enjoy some free time. As always we’ll be on hand to advise and assist.

This evening you’re welcome to join Rob for dinner at Expendio Tradición, known for its interior design, cocktail mixology, craft beers, and award-winning Oaxacan cuisine. 

After dinner, you’re invited for a nightcap on us — check your RC Photo Journeys App for details.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 3Oaxaca Redux

Oaxaca Redux

This morning you’ll enjoy another RC Photo Journeys Photo Workshop, before or after another delicious breakfast at the hotel. Make sure you have a chocolate con agua (chocolate made with water), a Oaxacan speciality that will delight you.

After breakfast you’ll select from a number of photography walks for both the morning and the afternoon, or you can opt to explore on your own, always counting on us for as much direction and assistance as you may desire.

Since dinner is included tonight, we’ll let you know where you can meet up with Rob for lunch and compare photography notes and talk your passions, if you choose.

Tonight, dinner is at one of our favorite restaurants in Oaxaca, Los Danzantes — you don’t want to miss this dinner!

The secret location of the nightly nightcap will be revealed at dinner!

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 4Sunrise Over the Pyramids

We start early today to beat the sun to Monte Alban, the once thriving Mesoamerican cultural and economic center dating from the 8th century BCE. Our goal: To catch the sunrise over the pyramids of this mountaintop archaeological site.

Your RC Photo Journey Photo Workshop today is outdoors as Rob works with you to capture the perfect sunrise shots.

You’ll return to the hotel in time to enjoy breakfast — served until noon — and have time to enjoy additional photography walks or free time.

In the mid-afternoon we’ll head out to the Ex-monastery of Santiago Apóstol, a photographer’s treasure, built by the Spanish in the mid-15th century to subdue the large population of indigenous Zapotecs and Mixtecs. Your mission is to find the unexplained block with a message carved in Mixtec for which no historic documentation exists to reveal the meaning.

Dinner tonight is included at the Capilla de Zaachila, an outdoor dining extravaganza that is as much a feast for the eyes and camera as the palate.

If you’re still kicking, we’ll invite you for a nightcap as a spirited ending to this great day!

Meals: Breakfast, Dinner

Day 5Teotitlán

Today after breakfast we head to Teotitlán del Valle, a Zapotec village renowned for its weaving since pre-Hispanic times: The village had to pay tributes of cloth to the Aztecs. Our focus is multifaceted — food, weaving, and people.  

You’ll be welcomed into the home of Reyna Mendoza, an acclaimed Oaxacan chef. She’ll serve you a chocolate con aqua — from cacao that she grinds and blends herself — and teach you some Zapotec phrases you can use in the local market you’ll visit with her as purchases items for the traditional Oaxacan mole you’ll prepare with her. 

This is a photography day extraordinaire as you’ll be in a local home, visiting a local village market, preparing food with traditional techniques, and having lunch in an amazing outdoor kitchen-dining space. You’ll hardly need a photograph to remember this experience, but don’t let that stop you — click away!

After lunch we’ll visit with rug weavers for you to capture their artistry, and maybe even buy a rug!

On our way back to Oaxaca we’ll take you for a mezcal tasting because, well, it’s what you do in Oaxaca — and the bottles and outdoor tasting room photograph so well!

Tonight dinner is on your own. As always, we are on hand to suggest, direct, and assist.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch

Day 6Market Day with Frida

Today is market day and we’re headed to the Friday market in Ocotlán de Morelos for a visual and comestible extravaganza like you’ve never had.

Of the many markets outside of Oaxaca, Ocotlán is a favorite because it’s less touristy, full of local culture, and located in a town with multiple photo ops.

Your photo workshop this morning will prepare you with all the best tips, tricks, and techniques to perfectly capture the food and people you’ll see, along with the other photography options and activities today.

For added enjoyment and photographic fun, we’ll have lunch with Frida Kahlo! Well, not the real Frida, but the owner-cook of La Cocina de Frida who dresses identically and is the spitting image of the famous Mexican artist. No doubt, you’ll want to show off these photos because, honestly, who doesn’t like Frida!

Ocotlán also boasts the largest museum dedicated to the works of the famous Zapotec muralist Rodolfo Morales who deftly incorporated magical realism into his paintings. You’ll have an incomparable opportunity to capture the colors, artistry, and talent his works.

Next, we are off to San Martín Tilcajete, a village dedicated to the production of alebrijes — the brightly colored Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical and mythical creatures that are a symbol of Oaxaca. These hand-sculpted and hand-painted whimsical figures are made for photographing. You will have time to explore the village on your own, take pictures, and buy some alebrijes.

Tonight we’ll enjoy a Guelaguetza Dinner and Show in the former sanctuary of our hotel. This show is a highly acclaimed version of the traditional dance, costumes, and music of the annual Guelaguetza festival held every July. You’ll be captivated by the colorful traditional dress and dance. This is another of those quintessential photography moments, so have your camera charged because this may be an evening of a non-stop picture and video taking!  

We’ll buy you a shot of mezcal during the show, and if you still have it in you, Rob will invite you for a nightcap at some alluring local spot.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 7The Charms of Oaxaca

This is your last day in Oaxaca so we’ve left this day as one of leisure and an open plan.

We invite you to enjoy breakfast and your last RC Photo Journey Photo Workshop. Don’t hesitate to call on us for anything, truly anything at all.

We’ll have photo walks organized to make sure you haven’t missed any of the not-to-miss sites and the not-to-miss purchases.

Tonight is our Farewell Dinner at a favorite restaurant of the famed chef Rick Bayless.

Meals Breakfast, Dinner

Day 8Adiós Oaxaca

Your chauffeur will transfer you the airport for your journey home.

Depending on the time of your flight, we invite you to enjoy breakfast in the hotel.

If there’s no time for breakfast, you have your $50 Comfort Card to buy a bit in the airport or on your flights.

¡Adiós y buen viaje!

Oaxaca is the most biologically diverse state in Mexico
Yet it's the fifth largest state in terms of size
A stunningly renovated 16th century convent ...

The Hotel Quinta Real Oaxaca, originally the Convent of Santa Catalina de Siena built in 1576, is unforgettable with its floral gardens, lush courtyards, and serene fountains.

The original structure has been meticulously restored, including frescoes and tile floors, and the 91 exquisite suites boast authentic colonial touches with lovely views of the gardens and interior patios or the charming streets of the historic center.

I personally chose the Quinta Real Oaxaca because for photographers it’s  is a dream come true. I know  you’ll find an incredible shot around every corner.

Come join me on an RC Photo Journey to Oaxaca and learn in my personalize photo workshops, and experience the Quinta Real Oaxaca!

In the mean time, check out the video below on the hotel …

Oaxaca topped the 2019 Culture Trip Destination Wishlist
Sensational cuisine, amazing archaeological sites, handwoven crafts, and Colonial architecture.
Daily personalized instruction ...
Photography Workshops

The RC Photo Journey Photo Workshops 

The daily RC Photo Journey photo workshops with Rob Comeau will change your photography so much, that  you will refer to your photography expertise as  “before” and “after” the workshops, irrespective of your level and equipment.

Rob is a skilled photography instructor with extensive experience in photography education and mentoring  His workshops are perfectly structured and organized for each day of your journey so that you develop and prefect the skills to perfectly capture every moment of your incredible journey.

With Rob’s daily workshops you’ll noticeably improve your photographic craft, photo editing, define your personal style and learn how and where to post your work for maximum exposure. Throughout the journey, Rob is with you on all excursions to offer personal guidance and advice as you capture the amazing places you will visit. Oh, and you’ll bring home some incredible photographs too!

In addition, photo workshops start before departure with a wealth of pre-journey interaction with Rob to ensure that your needs and skills are understood.  After your RC Photo Journey, Rob will follow up with you individually and personally to ensure your progress and answer your questions.

Rob truly mean it when he says that his RC Photo Journeys are like none other!

Oaxaca is the most biologically diverse state in Mexico
Yet it's the fifth largest state in terms of size
Oaxaca is the food capital of Mexico ...

I love photography for sure, but I also love good food!

On RC Photo Journeys, I make sure that I include in your journey not just superlative photo workshops, a spectacular hotel, and stellar service, but scrumptious food, too.

Oaxaca is considered the gastronomic center of Mexico.

I have personally selected the restaurants to be included in your RC Photo Journey, and we’ll happily make suggestions for the few meals that are not included. 

As they say in Spanish — ¡Buen Provecho!

Included Meals:

All Breakfasts 5 of 8 Lunches  6 of 8 Dinners

Can We Help?

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“If you are out there shooting, things will happen for you. If you’re not out there, you’ll only hear about it.”
– Jay Maisel